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Why choose Piron Technologies to build your business website

Why Choose Piron Technologies

We have heard it many times – why choose Piron over someone like Wix? So we thought we would dedicate a page to this answer. With Piron you are treated as a valued customer and not just another statistic from a multi-million-pound marketing campaign where they try to reclaim the cost of acquisition (how much they spent to gain your custom).

Our hosting packages at Piron Technologies only cost £50 per year and our websites start from a one-time payment of £300 so lets do some quick maths, if you choose Piron over a 3 year period (no minimum contract!) you would pay 3 x 50 (for annual hosting) which equals £150 plus £300 for the initial website build totalling to £450.

With Wix, you are tied in to a binding 1 year subscription at £16* per month which is £192 per year. Over the same 3 year period, you will pay £576 – the initial monthly cost of a Wix website might be tempting, but if you are looking for long term investment and building relationships for your organisation – Piron Technologies can offer you that investment and the VIP relationship as standard

The business models of Piron and Wix are completely separate but we have the same target audience, so far example at Piron we build bespoke solutions to our customers specification with Wix, they produce prefabricated mass market sites which are pretty much all the same. Think of a world scenario, Wix are the type of company who builds a 1000 house housing estate with prefabricated designs and structures, you can paint the walls easily to make it more ‘you’ while here at Piron, we are the individual architect who builds 10 bespoke houses built to the exact requirement of each individual to help them make the most of their money.

The real decision should come down to your business needs and budgets, you should also consider whether you are forecasting your business in the long term. Wix is a great service, as a developer the platform they have built to allow end-users to design their website easily is brilliant but it isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea.

We will ensure if you choose Piron, you are treated like a VIP customer as standard, you are treated as an individual business with needs and not just a statistic, we will build a long-lasting relationship with you and your business

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* Price checked 13/06/2020 at – price reflects the most popular business package ‘Business Unlimited’