The Food Menu

An internal Piron Project, we have seen how COVID19 has had a massive effect on pubs, restaurants and takeaways. We immediately started working on a product to help solve core issues that these businesses would face.

The Food Menu allows businesses to go completely digital eliminating any physical menu allowing customers to scan a universal QR code on their smart phone and instantly load up a menu or ordering system with table number designation for restaurants to allow the customer to order food and drinks direct from their phone which will then be sent to the central system where the host staff are able to process the order in a contact-free way.

Some features include

  • Virtual Menu
  • Company website
  • The Food Menu Management Portal
  • Bookings and order calendar
  • Customer order records
  • Simple Invoicing
  • Payment and income tracking
  • Online payment gateway
  • Online or on-premise ordering
  • Unlimited orders and order modifications

And much much more, The Food Platform module is 100% upgrade-able and when we add new features, they will be rolled out automatically to all of our customers at no additional charge, there are no hidden fees or commissions just a simple monthly or annual pricing plan.

To find out more about The Food Menu, visit the official website today at