Technical Services

For home & business - we have you covered.

We provide a wide range of professional services from consumer to corporate at highly competitive prices.

Custom Built Computers

We have over 15 years experience building custom computers from the early days of gaming to the more modern builds. All of the hardware we use is 100% genuine and purchased from reliable distributors sourced globally to keep prices competitive so we can pass the savings on to you.

Custom Built Computers are becoming an individual statement of a persons personality and gaming style and we will build a computer which reflects you.

Perhaps gaming isn’t your cup of tea, you might want a modern PC so you can carry out home office tasks, casual streaming and catching-up with friends and family through video chat – we are able to help. If you are interested in a free no obligation quote, please get in touch today!


PC Maintenance & Repair

You might already have a PC which meets all your needs; you may not have a big budget to buy or build a new machine. Our PC Maintenance & Repair Service can help spring some life in to your computer, we will carry out a thorough inspection and maintenance of your computer for just as little as £30 – if any repairs or replacement components are required, we will always quote you for these for your approval before you incur any unexpected costs.

Our standard PC Maintenance involves but not limited to:- Re-applying thermal CPU Paste, Fan cleaning and maintenance, interior dust removal, storage health checks, temperature checks and interior component tidying.


Security & Virus Removal

The term ‘Data is the new gold’ is a word that is used a lot, the value of personal data sold on the black market is astronomical. With many corporations facing data breaches on what seems to be a daily basis it is not the time to let your own personal security to be compromised.

Here at Piron Technologies we can work to remove any existing viruses from your machine and help protect you in the future by offering friendly advice and the installation of reputable anti-virus software.

Due to the nature of this market, each virus virus can be unique, some more difficult than others to remove with varying risk factors of data loss. Please contact us for a quote and we will be happy to assist. 


Professional Services

Our professional services is the perfect compliment to any organisation whether you have an in-house team of IT Professionals or not, we can be an extension of your current IT Department allowing them to concentrate on the day to day support of your business and when the demand picks up, we will be available to extend the support and services your department is able to offer.

Our professional services are perfect to pick up during peak hours, short-term and long-term projects.

If you would like to find out more about our professional services, please contact us today.


The Legal Bits

Due to the nature of technology and the fact components have a shelf life, Piron Technologies cannot be held responsible for hardware which fails during our possession unless the fault is caused by our own negligence.

With our Virus Removal services, as some viruses are more severe than others, we cannot guarantee that the data will always be recovered. We cannot be held reliable for any data loss – we will take back-ups where possible and standard but we highly advise all customers to back-up their data as general practice on a regular basis as well as prior to us handling your equipment.