Hey guys, hope you’re all epic. Virgin Media looks like they are having connection issues this evening, I experienced some lagging in the last stream and premature disconnection from the server so I will not be doing any further streams this evening, I will be back tomorrow evening. However, in the meantime I thought I would do a little write up on the MPOW headset I purchased in January

I had an old pair of Sony headphones that I bought back in 2012 but had been abused and the aux jack got a bit damaged and with the kids using them, they unfortunately started to deteriorate a bit so I thought it would be the perfect time to buy a new set as my kids have grown up a bit now, they are in to PC gaming themselves *cough* Roblox and of course Fortnite 😱

So I was after a decent headset with budget in mind I was probably going to be buying another new set in the near future so I opted for the MPow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset which was a really reasonable price on ama at £28.99 – I wasn’t expecting much but when they came I have to say I was really surprised. I read bad reviews regarding the ‘size’ of the arch at the top of them and the fact they don’t sit comfortably on peoples ears, I haven’t found the size of the arch an issue at all and it feels extremely well balanced and looks stylish, they are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of gaming, the only downside to this though is due to the size and padding of them, sometimes the ears get a bit warm so they need adjusting to get some cool air into the ears.

They block outside sound very well so gaming sessions can continue uninterrupted until you have your wife or child throwing something at you to get you your attention 😉

The soft white lighting on each side is a nice touch but one of the annoying things is that there is no way to turn it off without having to unplug the USB, I am not quite sure what the lifespan of these lights are, it was been 2 months now that mine have been on pretty much 24/7

The sound of the headset is good – you get a good virtual surround feeling especially playing games like Battlefield V and Call of Duty you really do feel immersed into the game and hearing the sounds all around you, it is brilliant, can’t fault the sound quality!

Conclusion: I think the Mpow EG3 Pro Gaming Headset is a fantastic headset for the price, a perfect entry-level headset for £28.99 and I would recommend it it as a worthy purchase.

Remember guys, stay safe and keep on gaming 👍