Coolermaster l120l review

Hey guys hope you’re keeping good! Today I received my ML120L in the post as a much-needed upgrade for my CPU cooling, core temperatures were hitting the high 90s and even peaked beyond 100’C which was absolutely shocking. I reconfigured the intake and the exhausts on the current setup and got the temperatures down to the 80’s but that still wasn’t good enough.

After some research and some feedback on the ML120L from the PC Gamer group (if you haven’t joined already head on over and join PC Gamers UK – Custom Builds – Social Gaming Group) I set my heart on getting this into the build.

The price was extremely reasonable, at first I was looking at the Lite 120 which comes in at £39.98 but for a couple of pounds more at £44.99 you can get the ML120L RGB for extra appearance. I am extremely happy with the price as well as the build quality, I am somewhat surprised how well it is built for the price.

The cooler came well packed and protected, I have seen some purchase reviews where people have complained it is poor and that the cooler suffered delivery damage and that the pipes were leaking, but this wasn’t experienced and I felt the overall protection was pretty well.

Quality & build
The build quality feels good, it is a strong and sturdy build, it took some time to put in my SilentBase 800 with my current fan configuration as I opted for a ‘Push and Pull’ on the radiator to maximize the cooling process so I had to move a few fans around and trialed the radiator in a few different extraction areas, as I was going for the ‘push and pull’ method I couldn’t top mount it to the top extractor as the top of the case wouldn’t fit on so I ended up putting it on to the rear.

I found it a bit difficult to mount on to the case due to it being a AIO it was fiddly, I dropped it a few times when trying to hold it up and put the screws in and it kept bashing against other components inside the case, but eventually got there.

Mounting it on the CPU socket was straight forward using the provided mounting plates and screws, easier than I was expecting as I have always found some CPU mounting screws a bit flimsy especially plastic ones but the ones provided with the COOLER MASTER were good quality and well-designed. screws and screw heads

Since installing the new cooler, I have overclocked my Intel i7 to 4.44GHz base 4.0GHz and I am getting average temperatures around 40’C – 50’C which is a massive improvement from before.

The RGB controller is nice to have to control the colours and effect of the lights, I have wired this outside of the rear of the case through one of the access slots but I can’t really see myself ever adjusting this, a bit of a gimmick to have a switch when it could have just been software controlled as you could’ve synced it up to Music, CPU Temperature and more.

So far, I am extremely happy with it, if I am looking to upgrade it in future I would certainly consider the ML240L RGB which is the bigger brother of this ML120L RGB

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