Custom Built Computers

For the Home Office, Video Editors, Gamers & Streamers - we can build your system for you.

Custom Built Computers

Here at Piron Technologies we have been building computers for years and have built hundreds of bespoke systems for various individuals and organisations with varying needs from: Office Admin, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Gamers & Streamers – we have built them and understand what is required.

We are passionate about technology and clean, efficient builds and are just as excited as all our customers when they order a new custom build with us that we have been chosen and get the opportunity to build your personalised system with care, attention and all the detail to get you up and running without the high costs of pre-built machines from online distributors (eBuyer, Scan, PC Specialist).

We are highly competitive on pricing and work with a wide range of distributors through-out the UK to ensure that the best costs and savings are always passed on to our customers.

Why choose Piron to build your computer?

  • A personal experience with every order.
  • Fast turn-around times
  • Existing customer discounts for future orders
  • We can pre-setup Windows and download your games so when your new computer arrives, you can just plug it in and play!
  • All drivers and updates will be the most recent at the time of posting/delivery.
  • FREEĀ home personal delivery on all custom build orders placed within our locality.
  • 1 Year FREE Remote IT Support with a qualified technician if you have any problems
Our FREE support is only available on the custom build which has been built by us and not any other device / peripheral you are connecting to it. Local FREE delivery is available to all customers within a 5 mile radius of our office in Swansea. Personal delivery may still be available to areas outside of the local area at additional cost.